Good Morning!

I'm staying at my parents house this week because my apartment is being renovated.

My parents work every morning until the evening so during the day I pretty much have the house to myself.

I just woke up about an hour ago. Wearing just my boxers I got out of bed and walked up stairs to eat some delicious cheerios. As soon as I got upstairs I'm surrounded by 3 women. They're mildley attractive women maybe in their mid to late 20's. My parents failed to tell me that they hired some interior designers to change the layout of their shit. Its no big deal. I joke with them and say I must still be dreaming and we all share a laugh. They kept giggling while we were talking and I figured they just felt awkward since I was in my boxers.

I go into the laundry room and while I'm looking for something to wear I realize the dick-hole on my boxers is wide open. I threw on some pants and went back to where the girls were and gave them that look of, "ok i just realized...", and they burst out laughing.

I'm not really embarrassed because I'm hung like a moose, but this was the best morning I've had in a while. Hope yours is going well.

Uploaded 10/22/2008
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