Good Times..

So i went on a date tonight, or at least, i went into it thinking it could possibly be a date.

this guy in my psych class asked me for my number last week. he's not that cute, but not ugly either, not someone i'd go for in any other circumstance, but my friend eric told me i should start going for guys i wouldn't be immidiatly atrracted to, seeing as the guys i'm atracted to are all assholes. so i gave him my number, smiled, and said call me if you wanna hang out.

well he did call me, but it was because he forgot to ask when our final was. i ended up telling him the wrong day and we both showed up and no one eles was there. we laughed about it and it was whatever. then that night i decided to take the initiative to ask him out since i have no problem with doing that kinda stuff, and asked if he wanted to go out to get somehting to eat after we took the final.

so we went to the mall eatery..i guess it was convenient because it's litterally 3 minutes from the school, but still, not what i had in mind. we got chick fillet and i ended up paying for myself, which i don't have a problem with in itself, but it just adds to the overall pointlessness of the night.

we did have a good time though, all 20 minutes or so we were there for. we did have a good conversation and we were both laughing and telling eachother about ourselves. turns out he's in the marines so he skiped a year after high school to go into training so he was a year ahead of me. blah blah. but he is going to Salisbury next semester, which is about 2 and a half hours from here. soo even if anything were to come of it, nothing would happen, and he's not exactly my top pick for a hookup..

when we were both done, i asked him if he wanted to catch a movie or something and he said he couldn't and he had "a lot of shit to do tonight" oookk..

so he walked me to my car, and i did the whole lingering by my car door, fumbling with my keys, waiting for what wasn't coming and he starts walking away saying it was fun and if i wanna chill again to give him a give him a call, and after i was the one who asked him out in the first place.

i'm seriously hopeless..

Uploaded 12/10/2008
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