Goodnight Bloggers

I am retiring for the night, so I wish to bid you farewell and also address some of the topics of today.

AngiePie (AnalPie)- I imagine it must be impossible to taste anything by now, seeing as you have been sucking the Mod's dicks all week long. Have fun cleaning that mouth; I hear Listerine works wonders.

Eshel - Leave

True Bloggers -Guys/Gals, keep it up. We have done a great job cleaning the shit up. As long as we stay united, the blog section is fucking ours. So plant your flag; we ain't leaving anytime soon.

Shit Bloggers - We are going to make sure you don't have any of your garbage clogging up the blogs. For those of you who copy and paste a link or news article, go fuck yourself. After cleaning up that mess, look to your left. See that bar with all the words and pointy little arrows? Use them and submit it as a link. For those who just like to repeat the same word or phrase over and over again, I hope you liked that blog; because I will paste it to your message board. I hope other bloggers will help me do this as well. Now you know what we feel like.

Well, I'm too tired to care about anything else right now, so I think I'll end this little recap with a "Goodnight, and Good Luck".

Uploaded 09/21/2008
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