Goodnight, I Love You.

Tonight was crazy. I was so tired from making the fresh pasta. My wife had to work late and the girls were inĀ  bad moods. When we get home they start to fight over everything. Where to sit, what to play, who's prettier, who's smarter. This is normal but everyone is in a bad mood, so it's more frustrating.

Tonight I could not cook the dinner, so I serve antipasto, with cheese and fresh bread from the restaurant. Blah,blah, blah, "you taking all the salami", "you eating all the olives", "you getting fat". I had enough. I slam my hand down on the table, I make my mad face and tell the girls to go take their baths and get into bed. They know I so mad, and since Momma was not home they had no place to run.

They both run upstairs and now like best friends everything is like heaven between them. Me, I'm mad, tired but happy the house is quiet. I hear the girls go to bed and shout, "good night Poppa". I too say the same from the kitchen.

After about half the hour I quietly walk down the hall. I hear, "you want me to sleep with you, I'm cold"?
"OK, I'm cold too".
"Tomorrow you can wear my sweater, if you want?"
"Do you think Poppa is still mad?"
"Poppa is always mad".
"I Know".
They both give out a little giggle and say at the same time, "he so funny when he mad".
"Good night, I love you".
"I love you too".
Then in slightly louder voices they say, "good night Poppa we love you"!

I feel like a giant teddy bear. No teeth and no claws. Just a big softy toy.

This is me.

Uploaded 03/29/2011
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