Goths suck

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble just to look around at some books to see if anything caught my interest. It must have been gothic night there because holy shit. The next book in the Eragon/Eldest series was out at 10 or something. There were gothic kids up and down the aisles, giggling in corners, and running through the store. They all wore corsets and skirts and jesus, it was a mess. I love wearing corsets; I really do. I like the way they look and I think they are sexy as hell but these girls looked like whores. I'm saying fishnets, short skirts and lowcut corsets.

What is with gothic kids? They aren't "enlightened". They aren't "unique". Since I have black hair and wear black clothing, some people think I'm gothic. I'm not. I would show everyone a picture of me here but I'm not going to spam the site. These kids will cut themselves for fun. When I used to be a cutter, it was a complusion when I was upset. (I never learned to cope with depression because my mother was abusive in childhood so I cut to relive and deal with being emotional. Plus, I was suicidal so that didn't help.) Looking back now it's pathetic, I know. I've been there. I have scars on my legs. I learned from it. I hate myself for it. Anyway, I hate seeing kids doing these things when it's just for attention. It messes up your body for life. They aren't "cool" in the least.

I digressed. All I'm saying is that I'm sick of seeing posers- especially cluttered up and down the aisles of my favorite store. It was a sight to see. Wish I would have taken pictures. What makes gothic kids feel like they're so different and so special?

Uploaded 08/02/2008
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