Gotta Get Me Some Cat

It's been really nice of my Uncles' neighbours to allow me to visit their cats. I'm not sure how they would react if I told them I could really go for some slow cooked cat with pears and maple syrup. My mother made it for us every spring when the sap flowed. I can remember returning from school before anyone else and smelling how all the ingredients came together. My mother liked to write down all her recipes and those for cat were no exception. Today, before school tomorrow my uncle took me to where all my families belongings are stored. I guess he was hoping I would find some fall clothes and school supplies. I did, but the clothes might not fit.

In all the junk I found my mom's recipe for Cat with Pears and Maple syrup along with some others like Cat and Apple Sausage. Also a Christmas favorite, Minced Cat Pie.

Cat meat can be stringy depending on breed, climate and environmental variables. So to ensure a tender meat, my mom would first marinate the cats in apple cider vinegar. The next morning she would place both cats in the crock pot on low heat before adding the following ingredients.

One cup of water.
Six cored and peeled pears.
One and a half cup pure Maple syrup.
One chopped sweet onion.
Teaspoon white pepper.
Teaspoon Orange extract.

Slow cook until all the chores are done.

Mmmmmm! We loved it. I think you will too.

 Doesn't it look delicious?
Uploaded 09/05/2011
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