Government Interference in the Job Market

This blog was brought to you courtesy of Tyaeda's last blog. It reminisces about my own experience with government interference within the job market. The people in government are for the most part, genuinely interested in providing good value for what they do. However, for what ever reason, cost overruns, delays and inefficiency plagues most departments when they deal with market forces. So here is my own experience in dealing with government programs. I'll keep it short and to the point with little description. "Just the facts mam!"

Graduated from business school top ten in Ontario.

My instructors recommended me for a government sponsored work program. Only two candidates from each college or university.  I was offered a competition to work at a managerial position for Canada Dry Ginger Ale Inc. The competition was country wide with only one position being offered.

The government of Canada was going to pay half the salary for three years as an incentive to industry to train for more managerial positions. The salary was about 26k, not rich, but pretty good back then and a leg in the door.

After four interviews, testing and an essay, my college peer and I were the last two candidates standing from across Canada. We were both extremely proud. During this time we called each other on the phone and were quite candid about the process and our experiences.

We were both called into a final meeting here in Ottawa. The director thanked us both for putting up with the long gruelling process. Congratulated us on being the last two candidates and what impressive young gentlemen we were. 

He continued... "Unfortunately the government of Canada has cancelled the program and the position is no longer available." We were both crushed and disillusioned.

Eventually, I went on to start my own business. I bumped into my college peer a few years later. He was working for a towing company, still his cheerful self.

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