Government is a bitch

 So,     My father was a born salesman... and he knew how to work the government. He did a lot of things that were questionable, however, he always did what was right. At least as far as I've seen.He may have made mistakes, yet he was an honest man. The government  wanted him to go away, and now, I'm worried that it's me that's going away. Read further.
      So years ago, my father started a company doing asbestos remediation. he was new, and he wasn't an expert. He was a novice. However, he was a smart man and he studied the rules.He became an expert  He ran a company for 30 years, and became a recognized expert in the field.
     His company ran into it's fair share of problems. I learned everything I know from this man. I have no desire to continue his struggles. I have aspirations of my own.
     I decided to start a company of my own... filed for articles of incorporation for an electrical company... and the state of Iowa refused to acknowledge that I am my own self, and that I am going it alone, that I am trying to get out from underneath the troubles that my father has had for 10 years. I want my own dream.
     Yet, the State of Iowa refuses to acknowledge that an electrical service is different than the asbestos business, and that though i share the same last name, I do not share a common interest.I want to do my own thing, and have my own legacy. I am doing what I am doing so I don't get pulled into the business like my brother. Anyhow, I digress, this is a warning about the laws of government. The reason why the laws are so hard for a common man to understand is so that it's left to judges and lawyers to determine what is meant.
      If you're a common man, where does that leave you? Without law and hope, that's where.
   All I wan't to do is recognize the American dream,I  Wan't to be the master of my own future. Does anyone see this as Un-american? I don't think so. Is it criminal? I don' t think so. I am a good man like my father, and I want to what is right.
Uploaded 06/11/2011
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