GoW 3 Beta

So, after what seemed like forever and a day.. Today was FINALLY! the day the GoW3 beta was here for us that didn't waste our money buying that shitty ass BulletStorm GAME! thought I would be able to play at midnight but that wasn't the case, The real point is.... WTF same damn shit as before SHOTGUN WHORES! 2 shots and your dead bullshit and NO I don't suck at the damn game either I average 10 kills a round.. But I mean come on I pump a full clip of Assault Rifle bullets into someones fucking chest and they pop out 20 feet away shoot me ONE TIME! and I'm on the fucking ground crawling...  

its no CoD by any means but the gritty war torten style is pretty sweet. Graphics are simply amazing to look at if you have a sweet TV setup... I guess every game has to have that cheap ass weapon everyone hates but I know theres people out there that feel the same way..

OH! and the worst part, WTH is up with the servers.. Its just like GoW2 it takes sometimes up to 10 damn mins to find a match, and YES! I have an OPEN NAT so its noting along them lines....

Uploaded 04/25/2011
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Tags: gears war