Grading On A Curve

Grading On A Curve

April 14, 2011 by Ben Crystal 


Teacher [tee-cher]noun: one who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; NOT supporter of those who murder police officers in cold blood.

The recent annual convention of the California Federation of Teachersa cell of the American Federation of Teacherspassed a resolution at their annual convention extolling the virtues of the cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Jamal murdered Philadelphia police officer Danny Faulkner back in 1981 and has since become a hero to Democrat Party travelers from George Owner Soros to the second grade art teacher at Santa Monica Elementary. (Or whomever.)

One might presume the CFT would spend their time at their latest junket constructing a plan to ensure that their young charges would receive the best academic instruction possible. At the very least, it would be reasonable to think that theyd at least resolve to ensure the kiddies learn that 2+2 does not = Senators Boxer and Feinstein. (Especially considering that Boxer + Feinstein = 0; not 4.)

If only reason played a part in their conduct. While some educational matters were discussed, including continued opposition to charter schools (damned local accountability!); the CFT also made a principled stand on one of the most important issues confronting educators in the Golden State: Cop killers.

Most of Resolution 19, which passed at the 2011 convention, is the usual empty rhetoric and defamatory innuendo the Democrat Party normally substitutes for REASON. Resolution 19 ultimately calls for the release of the journalist Abu-Jamal, whom they rather predictably claim is a victim of police coercion and judicial and prosecutorial malfeasance. It even elevates the

REPROBATE murderer to the level of political prisoner.

Whereas, the continued unjust incarceration of Mumia Abu-Jamal represents a threat to the civil rights of all people

Although I feel fairly certain that the continued incarceration doesnt represent a threat to MY civil rightsmostly because I have yet to murder a police officer; I suppose Im glad to see the CFT is on the case for civil rights; although they must have run out of ink before they expressed any support for the victims of communist oppression in places like Cubathe CFT resolved at their 2010 conference to support five of Castros spies who were caught in Miami.

Oddly, not one word about the ChiComs unrelenting harassment of dissidents made it into this years CFT agenda. They didnt make room for the victims of Irans violently repressive regime, nor any of the rest of the targets and victims of Islamofascism worldwide (a number which is substantially higher than the number of cop killers currently awaiting execution in Pennsylvania). And evidently, the good professors of California didnt think it important to proclaim support for the widow and children of Abu-Jamals victim, Officer Danny Faulkner.

Frankly, I would expect the CFT to focus on well teaching. Californians now rank 49th out of the 50 States in adults who have at least achieved a high school diploma.

The CFT DID pass a resolution (No. 30) decrying bullying. However, they specifically noted that they were not talking about the nerdy kid who suffered an atomic wedgie on the way to social

studies this morning. No, the CFT is concerned about:

aggressive communication, excessively harsh criticism false accusations, public discrediting, defamation, insults, personal attacks, taunting, hostile glares, yelling, shouting, screaming, terrorizing, threatening behavior or acts designed to drive the target out of a job;

Screw the brats. They dont pay union dues. And no matter that the aforementioned language is a spot-on description of the union thug-led violence and hate speech officially endorsed by the Democrat Party currently on display in Wisconsin.

American students are falling further and further behind their peers in academic performance. Liberals breathlessly pin the blame on everyone but themselves. Meanwhile, a cell of the second largest teachers union in the country made room in their recent convention for a man who shot a cop in the face at point blank range.

Heres a suggestion for the CFT: Next time you want more money, consider whether your students can name the victim of Mumia Abu-Jamals crime. After all, whos a better role model for the students in the Golden State cops, or cop killers?

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