Grandpa knows best

Every once in awhile my grandfather say's thing's that well I really don't need to know or are politically incorect.

1)Once my brother told me that my grandpa said the reason black kid's do bad in school is because they play basketball all day.

Mind you these are not my nor my brother's views nor do I think black people do poorly in school however imagine if that were true.

Imagine a whol nation full of black people dribling a ball 24.7 in there sleep at work school church during labor!

2)When I was 14 like alot of kid's I was pressured into loosing my virginity early probably due to movies like American pie road trip ect. I asked my grandpa if I should buy condom's and go find a girl and he told me a story which haunted me for the rest of my life.

When I was 19 I was in the navy and I lost my virginity to a japanes prostitute funny thing is the first time I had sex I didn't ejaculate.

Those words have rang in my ear since that day.

3) I once mentioned when I was 14 that I masterbated 3 times a day or 4 something like that. Well this is what he had to say about that.

"The reason your so tired is because you gallop the mule too much!"

4) He told me this when I got a job and before I graduated from my trade school.

"When you go to work watch the mexican guy he will work the hardest and do the best job but if you want to do it the fastet way you got to watch the black guy."

5)I don't remember how I got on this subject this happened not to long ago.

"I use to rub lanlolin on your grandma's body when we were younger you rememeber that?"


It was awkard and my grandma rolled her eyes.

My granpa say's alot of weird shit hope you enjoyed some of his qoutes Ill write more as time goes on and I hear more.




Uploaded 09/13/2009
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