Great Ideas For First Person Shooters Black Ops etc.

hey y'all i play the crap outta shooters online currently playin black ops and i seem to get great ideas. 



Idea #1:  a daily lottery that allows one player to be invincable and with unlimititd ammo e and nades.


Idea #2: swinging doors in doorways.  not so you have to push a button to enter it but can walk through and use bullets and grenade shockwaves aswell.  only meant to stop people from just rushin through  at you and stop them from seein you


Idea #3:  uncontrolable events on multiplayer maps.  for example,  say theres a multiplayer map ripped from the campaign .  say the character in the story was sniping that spot on the map.  so it would be like an area marked by bodies that if you go in to you get your head sniped off


idea #4:  non playable charecters on the maps.  say you start a game and there were a certain amount of people on the maps just livin there lives, eatin in restaurants, watchi tv, havin barbecues, and once thye first audible bullet is fired the start runnin all over the map dodgin bullets, gettin in the way ad screamin and w/e when they get hit.  it would be to funny


anyways you got any ideas put them in the comments


Uploaded 12/16/2010
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