Great... just great.

So I found out something pretty useful and interesting this morning.

 My boyfriend emailed me from work this morning.  Instead of the usual, "I love you, what do you want me to get after work?" it was "You won't believe the bullshit I just heard"

Apparently.... the only way to get somewhere in life, or to earn anything, you must first suck a lot of dick, and by doing so, develop a tight knit employment network with a few butt buddies. 

See, my boyfriend has been working for the same company for 11 years.  The company is a family owned logistic and distribution establishment, that has been going through quite a bit of trouble since their main contract closed their doors and moved all production to Mexico.  Since then, they have laid off many people, but have recently begun to recover and is slowly starting to call people back to work.

Now it's still just a handful of workers and a  couple supervisors.   One of the guys (Mike), who had been there for 20 years, was laid off, and called back to do a different job, for less pay.  His oldest is going to university next year, and he cannot afford to send him. So he went to his boss and asked for a small raise, to help make up for some of what he used to make there. They rejected him.  

Today, my boyfriend, who gets a ride in with Mike, found out that another employee had just received a raise and a promotion that does not require any more work from him.  This guy, Jeff, has been golfing buddies with the supervisor for the better part of 7 years.  Before working there, he was once coworkers with his now supervisor.  Jeff has been working with this company for 5 years.  He also refuses to do manual labor, takes at least one day off a week, and doesn't get along with anyone but management.

A guy who's been working for 20 years, get a pay cut, while the guy who's been working 5, gets a raise... Jeff is also a 49 year old who still lives at home with his sister and mother... he has no children, except an obsessive need to go golfing at least once a week (usually the days he takes off).

I know this, because I used to work with all of them before the company took a big hit. 

In addition, my boyfriend hasn't gotten a raise in 2 years, despite a more than 2 dollar increase on min wage during the past 4 years.  So... if he were working for min wage, he would have gotten 2 raises.   Min wage is a mere $3.50 less than my boyfriend makes.  He's been there 11 years, and min wage is starting to catch up with him.  Besides Mike, he's been there the longest... even longer than both of his superiors.    Lately my boyfriend has been complaining of back pain.. this started shortly after they assigned him all of the manual labor duties.  It's true... if he's gone one day, they save the work for him... everyone else, except the new co-op kid, refuses to stack these 80lbs bags of flour. 

My boyfriend is talking about quitting... especially before min wage catches up to him.  Job security is all he has... and even now there is talk about more layoffs in the future.   He hasn't had to look for a job in over 10 years... he's going to have a really hard time in the job market.  He'll lose his benefits, job security, and probably sanity.  It's not like it used to be... jobs, especially in this area, where big time employers are still closing their doors at an alarming rate, or simply not hiring, it's going to be very difficult for him.

He says it will be easier because he's older than me, and has been in the work force, for considerably longer than me... but it's not.  He'll face rejection, frustration, and lack of options, just like I am.

So, despite what some may say... it really does count if you know people and have connections.  It helps if you know your employer outside of work.  It helps if you can suck dick really well, and are open to the possibility of anal sex.  Seriously.... in a time like these... seniority should count if nothing else.  Companies shouldn't have the right to dick their employees around, just because they know it's hard to find alternative work.  People who have jobs now, are lucky to have them... but how much should someone stand there and take?  What is someone to do?

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