Great News for the Atheist

I'm hoping this is some kind of hoax, but if it is not here's my take.

Looks like the ranks of the atheist will soon be reinforced with the use of science.  A program set up by the Pentagon uses vaccines to destroy that part of the brain that considers God. I have been wondering for  the last four to five years why there seems to be a plethora of people  preaching atheism.  I'm not particularity religious, but the idea of God doesn't bother me. After seeing this video from the Pentagon, where it suggests using vaccines to destroy that part of the brain  that is religious, I had to wonder, is there a connection?

I haven't had a vaccine since I was a kid and never will, but  most people have taken them more recently. The vaccine is called "Funvac" and it was proposed it should be used on the people in the middle east under the guise of a flu vaccine. Sound familiar? Wow, conspiracy and the use of science to fuck up people. 

 A lot of people will think, right on, give it to every one. It's the best invention ever, it will eradicate religion.  I feel sorry for those people. God bless!

If you listen to this lecture it might suggest the God gene is actually our natural moral ability.  If it is and this vaccine gets used, then we'll have hell on earth.

The God Gene: Religion and Altruism - Professor Keith Ward DD FBA from Gresham College on Vimeo.

Uploaded 04/03/2012
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