GREAT TO HATE- 1st edition- bdoubled caused Japan's tsunami

   Bdoubled if your fat ears are listening, then listen good: I outta smash a bottle over that fat, stupid fuck's bald dome for SUING me (that's true, he is taking me to court)  but instead I'm going to expose him for causing an earthquake, the fat heartless boar...
     That's right, I've discovered what caused the earthquake in Japan, but let me start from the beginning. I think I should enlighten you all about what goes on in Brian "fat bald and stupid" Delk and his less then thin wife's bedroom/pig sty. It all starts off with the two of them downing a Texas Mickey of Vodka, cuz let's face it, they both have to be extremely smashed to be able to commit the horrendous act of screwing each fat-other. After they are extremely intoxicated Carla begins to arouse ebaum's very own community punching bag by tongue-punching his cum-infested fartbox. To quote Carla- "Nothing arouses my sweetie more than by playing with his fat dump." Him and his whale of a wife have heart palpitations after those gluttonous slobs are done slapping their fat bodies together. There are a number of ways to describe a wild night at the Delk residence...  Piggy sex, hog humping, fatty fornication, boar boning, swine screwing, and my personal favorite, porker porking.  How does this all relate to the horrible tragedy in Japan you ask?
   Ok look, what those two do in the privacy of their bedroom is fine with me, but when you cause tsunamis thats when I get pissed mother fuckers. To quote Brian Delk (elk hunter)- "Am I mad bro? You're damn right I'm mad."  That's right folks, scientists recently discovered what caused the earthquake in Japan (I read the article on the front page of the New York Times), it was from these two butterballs getting too freaky in their fat bedroom. The rumble emitting from their house was of seismic proportions, and resulted in the deaths of over a thousand Japanese people! He caused a fucking 8.9 from his gluttonous piggy sex!  That's right, bdoubled doesn't care if his fucking causes the death of a thousand people, as long as he gets his rocks off the greedy bitch! Stay noble and honourable Japan, and please find it in your hearts to forgive this fat, bald, stupid piece of lard, for he does not know what he does. And Brian, please lose some weight before you even consider jacking off let alone fucking and causing another disaster.  Stay tuned for another exciting edition of GREAT TO HATE cuz there is plenty more hate I need to dish out to you semen sipping goofs. 
Uploaded 03/12/2011
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