Green Eggs and Ham

Read the paper, I did this day.

American economy they say went gay.

I swear, I swear, I watched it today,

Chrysler and Ford want you to pay.


Billions of dollars they want to get,

Billions of dollars to clear their debt,

GM and Chrysler and Ford all met, don't sweat,

To Congress they made a threat.


Taxpayer money they want from you. Taxpayer money they want, they do.

Tax payer money to get them through,

Taxpayer money for jets they flew.


Jets, jets, J-E-T-S, jets.


I frequently think now and again, of glorious cars Ford helped me attain.

I drove a Falcon, Fairmont, Fairlane.

I drove a Capri, Courier, Corsair,

I drove a Focus, Festiva, K.A


I drove an Exceptionally Exquisite Eccentric Electric Engine Escape. I drove it today... I have to say; a horrible hybrid cliche. Got lost on the way, it's just too fray.I will not sway, sure there's cache, but to my dismay, it's way too gay.


GM, Chrysler and Ford, they suck. Ford made a truck, who gives a fuck? They're out of luck, I'm not a schmuck, just don't want to give them a buck.


Then there's a breeze, I slowly freeze. I laugh at Chinese and start to sneeze.I look at my peas, eat some blue cheese. As my chest begins to squeeze. I don't like to tease, but these companies I need to appease.


My knowledge of bailouts is tremendously wide, we bailed 'em out boiled, we bailed them out fried. Most ensured, double and scrambled, ambled and shmumbled and compliment framebled. We've bailed them out beaten, squeezled and squazzled, frizzled, catizzled, bamboozled and fuzzled. I know every way we guzzle them out, and thinking of bailouts, reminds me of banks, whose favorite dish is...


Green eggs and ham.

Uploaded 12/14/2008
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