Green Energy and The Political Scene.

Most people here already know I distrust the idea that man made climate change is real. Not because I don't believe the science, it's based more on the solutions they offer up to solve the problem and their undertaking of projects designed to solve it.

In the City of Ottawa there was a multimillion dollar program to install solar power panels on public buildings. My local high school  where my wife works had a three hundred and sixty thousand dollar system installed. The resulting power would then be added to the grid. Great for green energy and some jobs for the people of Ontario. Just one little problem, the panels can't be hooked up to the grid and the buildings can't use the power, they weren't designed for that. Turns out, that due to some technical difficulty, transmission stations that would need to be installed at certain points cannot be placed within fifty miles of Ottawa due to some grounding conflict built into the grid. My wife has also affirmed that the panels at the school are still just big roof ornaments after seven months.

At this time no solution to the problem is known. Will more solar panels be placed on public buildings even though they technically can't work yet? Yes. When project managers were asked, "why install solar panels that can't work." Their response was, "well we have to use up all the money before they change their minds."  Deja vu!  "Comrade if we make all the shoes really  big, we will get  bonus."

It is safe to say hydro electric power, (harnessing the power of flowing rivers) is about as clean and safe as you can get. Around 1995 Bob Rae of the NDP, decided to shut down most of the smaller generating plants along the rivers in Ontario. This caused an increase need for coal fired plants and nuclear capacity. In the province of Quebec  they generate oodles of power with clean safe hydro power, enough to serve many parts of the USA and other Provinces. Currently, most of Ontario does not purchase power from Quebec. They do have the capacity and infrastructure to power most of Ontario , just a matter of turning on some more generators. So with the flip of some switches, all of Ontario's energy could be met with hydro power systems that are already in place. This option has been blatantly ignored to this date.

The Ottawa river is a very powerful river. We do have a few small generators providing power to our grid. The river if harnessed, could produce enough energy to power all of Ontario and many US states. This option will not be considered by government.

Currently in Ontario much of our power is generated using coal fired generation stations. Many do not have the up to date scrubbers and filters that make them CO2 free. Does the government put a plan together to upgrade them? No. Instead McGuinty, the Premiere had promised to close them down, but he can't, because the solar panels cannot be put on line, windmills (two billion invested) can't produce enough energy to close even one plant.

To make matters worse, this year Ontario was producing so much power and due to some technical and contractual reasons had to pay Quebec Hydro fifty three million dollars to take our excess power. Quebec Hydro can absorb excesses because they just have to turn off generators to balance the system, in Ontario we can't.

Quebec Hydro has offered Ontario residents electricity for about 3.8 cents a kilowatt hour. Government says, "no thanks" and invests in windmills built in Korea. With these they offer land owners mostly farmers with arable land 80 cents a kilowatt hour. Stalin would be so proud! Due to increased costs and the lack of power generated by the windmills the program is faltering and it looks like the government will have to renege on some contracts. This might bankrupt some farmers or the Government will get sued and we all will pay for Green Power. Brilliant!

Of course Ontario is not alone in dumbassery, Quebec with oodles of clean safe hydro power built a nuclear power plant, Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station. Why I'm not sure. Probably, for political reasons or a job making project. The best part about it? They built it right on a major fault line. So, a nuclear power plant that isn't needed built on a major fault line. I'm not making this shit up. Oh and just one more thing, that fault line, just had a 4.7 earth quake today.  What fun!

If our esteemed leaders, who must have the most up to date information about events that shape all our lives act and make decisions in this way, is it any wonder I consider them a bunch of psychopaths?!!

Gentilly Nuclear Power Station In Quebec built on Major Fault Line
Uploaded 03/16/2011
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