greetings some concern on energy sources tech econ general

Salutations and greetings! Good to be here! Some of the things that concern me are energy sources (electric, methods to let vehicles move etc) and technology generally and the economy and some related subjects and possibly things that could bog some average and other people and life down (by possibly causing difficulties for everyday and some other things) (please see also I am also interested in possibly better describing and maybe even say forthrightly sort of automating and say-netting the process, please excuse it, of developing and listing ideas (technology, math and say math-related, science, software and related and similar, old ideas, new ideas, part-old-new ideas, logistics and maybe-business or industrial or part-manual ideas as well as say part-tech or part-computer ones), listing again and categorizing and systematizing (including for pre-automating, and please within quite a bit of reason-say) ideas and maybe-rumors-etc about knowledge and sort of similar idea-type areas even of say-assorted types, (and) (by the way please I and some other and random average people need things-like maybe-money similarly to how the economy and some other things need electrical and other energy and other idea and innovation-related things and say potential difficulties or current difficulties remediation and better tech-and logistics (within reason)) (continuing) promulgating and roughly-maybe like-robotizing (please, within quite a bit of reason-say) and again automation or maybe please-like cyber-automation (of) the range of types of forms and stages of the idea-generating and-finding and utilizing process.

Uploaded 05/30/2008
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