Grinds My Gears Elevator Slackies

I live in a dorm that has 10 floors. My girlfriend lives on the 10th and I live on the 9th. When going between our rooms I use the stairs. With that being said, it really pisses me off when people get on an elevator and ride it up/down one floor because they are too lazy to use the stairs. This behavior becomes especially bothersome when there is a large amount of people who are waiting to get on the elevator and some have to stay behind because there is not enough room and some of the people who do not have to wait could have easily used the stairs to access the 2nd or 3rd floors.

I've seen people jump on at a floor like the 8th just to ride it up to the 9th or down to the 7th. That's just pure fucking lazy.

It may not really be a big deal to some people but i think that this is a form of laziness that is just downright wrong. The stairs are there for a reason...

Anyone else agree with this or have a similar laziness issue with technology that irritates them?

Uploaded 09/15/2008
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