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Recently, I was strolling through the groups on eBaum's World and found some of the wackiest and funny ones and wrote them down.

They are as follows:

I want to talk like the Dazzler

Ever wonder what phrases like "Hey Hey fecker, what's the craic?" means. Do you think ShellyDazzler sounds fucking cool, but can only understand about 2/3 of what she is saying? If you want to learn to talk like the Dazzler, join this group.


People Eating Nugets In Spain: Have you ever eaten a chicken nuget in Spain? CLICK HERE!

The Average Dick Club

For those with just enough to satisfy but she will still leave us for a black guy.

the white people

for all white people who get afraid when it's just you and a black guy on an elevator

Fuck You Grammar Nazi

Fuck you guy who thinks a grammatical error necessitates a correction comment. This is eBaum's world, and these are comments about meaningless shit. Next time I write for the New York Times you can pick apart my grammar. But here it's my right to type THERE whether I mean THEIR or THEY'RE or TIRE IRON. No commas? No problem. I don't even have to use spaces if I don't want to.

Help RJ lose his vriginity.

This is a group dedicated to help RJ step, act like a man, and finally get some action. This will be a daunting task,...however our members will never cease in our effort to help RJ lose his virginity.

chicken pimp

if u's a chicken pimp get yo ass in hea. Or if you have ever worked or if if you've eaten there

The Burt Reynolds Association

We are a group dedicated to the manly man in all of us, and who is a better role model of manliness then Burt Reynolds himself. Join our group and indulge in the awesomeness that is to be...Man...



No Ma'am

For motherfuckers who don't bleed between their legs

Self administered felatio

Are you happy with your pastime or do you think it sucks

Alcoholics Unanonimous

Those Who Prefer To Tip Back The Bottle

People Who Love Drugs

This is a group for people who love getting lifted. High as a witch doctor. Doesn't matter the poison. Pot heads can join too. A BETTER WORLD WITHOUT PROHIBITION

Annihilate Mafia Crime Users.

Screw All of Those Mafia Crime Douches. Time To Revolt.

The Narcissists

If you're awesome and know it.

I Want an Ebaum's World Orgy

If you can't figure it out, you're probably not welcome anyway.


For people who like surprise sex!

masturbaters group

for anyone (guys or girls) who has masturbated to a mature section video or pic on ebaums, share your mature pictures and videos here.

Unemployed Ebaums Users

We may not have a real job, but that's all right, we have ebaumsworld

People who KICK ASS!

This group is for people who kick ass and are damn good at it


P.W.F.W.O.P (People who fuck with other people) A group made for the shit talkers and people who like to fuck with retarded and stupid people on the comments section

Your Above Average Joes and Jane

this is a group of ppl that during their work/college lives, they find the time to come on this website, and voice their opinion with absloute force on unexpecting noobs/retards/tools. we dont do this because it makes us feel better, we do it because honestly work and school is boring and well...its pretty funny to see the reactions... so come on we mean no harm, but you must be made fun of. its a fact.


That's a few of the funniest ones I seen here at eBaum's. If I left any good ones out, feel free to add them in the comment section.



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