I just noticed that the top ten most popular groups are all about tits, ass and girls.


I was playing fucking GTA last night online and man, that shit is fucking intense.

I play alot of first person shooter games like Halo so changing it up to a game like GTA is wow. None of those games online compare to GTA.

But i must say, GTA IV should not have been made so soon. They had alot more work to do with the console itself. They map is far too big for the console to handle. I've heard of alot of people having problems with their consoles because of GTA.

Has anyone here had troubles?


So i made my way up to Port Colborne a few weeks back for Canal Days and man, i cannot believe how many crackhead, slutty, trashy people live there.

It's not a big town either so i don't get how more than half the population are crackheads.

If you ever get a chance to get up there for Canal Days, do it up.

100% recommended.

Smoking joints in the streets.

Walking around with booze down the street.


Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Weak hugs and handshakes. Like.. when someone hugs you and barely touches your shoulder. Or when someone gives you a limp hand and expects you to do the shaking.

What the hell is that?! If you're going to hug someone or shake their hand, put a little bit of god damn effort into it next time.







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