Growin' on up!

I grew up in Beerstein Tavern at booth 3. Everyone in there, workers, owners, and the regular drunks knew me by name and my art work covered the walls of the entire lobby. I remember most clearly, how disgusted I was by the smell of stale cigarettes and strong whiskey.

It was here I had my first job, loading and unloading the dishwasher. I was paid in popcorn and a cherry sprite. My brother and I had are own personal box of crayons  and a few old coloring books stashed behind the bar.

You would think, going to a bar daily with my dad and watching Matlock with the bar drunk would  explain my current life style: Completely fucked.

But my dad did the best he could. And because of him, I always had what I needed.

My mother worked five days a week from 7pm to 7am. So every school day I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and warm donuts my grandmother brought over before taking us to school. My grandmother never believed drinking coffee stunts your growth. Monday through Saturday I saw my mom for 10 minutes a day and she spent that time tucking me into bed before leaving for work.

You would think being raised by a bingo playing, Beach Boys loving, 65 year old woman would explain my current life style: Completely fucked.

But my mom did the best she could. And because of her, I always had what I needed.

I may be fucked, but Ive always had what I needed.

Uploaded 09/23/2011
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