Guard your daughters Palin is coming.............

What is the matter with the women of today? I was watching the news this morning and found out that Palin's daughter is 17 and pregnant and all these women are saying "if she cant run her house how is she going to run this country?"   I am anti-Obama for many reasons but I have NEVER wondered why the blacks are going to vote for him. They should because this is their shot right or wrong it is a fact. I can see why the women got their chance at president stolen from them. WOMEN CANNOT stick together when the going gets tough your nails come out and the cattiness starts. I get it ladies I have three daughters and one of them was a staunch Obama supporter but not anymore. She informed me she knew the tricks that the republicans were playing but did not care because she supports WOMEN. Do I agree with her stance on the matter? NO!  She See's her chance and she is going to take it and for that I respect her reasons.


All of you men or women who are sitting up there on your judgement seat.....I was 18 and my girlfriend was 17 when I had my first child and KNOW THIS  my mom or dad had NOTHING to do with it. They tried and I am sure they were worried for us but they were smart enough to know it did not happen because of what they did or didnt do.


I am not saying that every women should run out and vote for her just because she is female. What I am saying is most of the blacks are voting for Obama and he has NO experience and his only qualifications are he is black and he is not Bush.

Thanks for reading Bohank.

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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