Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band - the guitars

Okay, guitar Hero came out first, and yeah it had suck ass graphics then two came out, and it was better, than three came out which made us realize that one and two both had sucky graphics.


Now that we have all gotten settled in with Guitar Hero 3, we liked it, but then Rock Band came out. Here is the predicament. All these whores at my school bought rock band because they think guys in bands (and bands in general) are hot and they think that the kids at school who are in bands are losers, so wouldn't that make the girls hypocrite wannabes?


We have this gammers club at school where we bring in the hot games such as Halo 3, GH3, Brawl, etc. and play them on Friday nights at school and have tournaments to see who is the best.

We have been doing this many times before Rock Band came out.


So that now Rock Band has been out and we have been getting more and more people coming into "Gamers Night" wanting to play the game. We have to apologize and say we don't have it. Then they leave angry, but what the hell, they paid to get in and there is no refunds.


Then in Gamers Club we had a vote if we should put up a poll in the school for which game should be kept/ or replaced, between GH3 and Rock Band.

Of course no one cared about the poll besides those who came to Gamers night and the whores who leave angry when they don't see Rock Band at Gamers night.


Then Friday came and we had Gh3 once more. But this time the Stupid Whores decided to stay and play which ruined everyones else's time because we had 12 people all ready in line to play and about 20 people came in to play it as well. Another Gamers Night came and we had to bring in two GH3 games just so people can actually get a turn.

The polls get read the next monday and Rock Band wins.

I personally hate Rock Band, I like the guitar and I'm not planning on singing and playing the Drums, and every other time I will play Bass...

The line cut down a lot because everyone else feels the same about Rock Band.

One day I decided to play it because I like the guitar, and no I don't just play the guitar for GH I have a real one as well...

Lets just say I was really disappointed in the game for another reason. It is way too easy. I play expert, the notes are too easy for Rock Band.

And I realize now that the whores at my school only play the guitars and not the drums or even sing!

So why the hell would they make us waste like 200 dollars on a shity game so they can play the guitars. When we have GH guitars and all the 4 games that are out for it.

We confronted the girls and ask them why they made us do that, their response is because that GH is to hard for them.

So we had set up Rock Band so that you can only play the Drums and Sing while we now have 3 GH games set up.

So you either play with the GH guitars or your shit out of luck.


After a week of this I realized that every good person at playing the guitar on either game like GH3 more, and prefers it more. So we set up another poll in school, and Rock Band came up as the best to play and we set up another poll as to which guitar was more fun and GH3 won in a landslide.


I'm just saying that I hate Rock Band because it is too easy and I'm tired of people saying Rock Band is more fun. Yeah it could be more fun if you had a band, but GH3 is more challenging. And I like a challenge. Plus Rock Band has shity songs.


If you have a comment I will like to read it, anyways which game do you like more GH3 or Rock Band, and tell me why, and which game is more challenging by playing the guitar. 


I would like to also make a note that Since school has let out this coming 20th we are having another Gamers Night in which we have a Guitar Hero tournament to see who in school is the best Guitar hero player, this person also gets the title for the best player at lead and bass guitar on Rock Band because Gh3 is harder then Rock Band and it will be pointless having a competition for Rock Band for the drums and singing because no one signed up :)

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