Gun Control

After the recent blog about gun control I find it my dutie to enlighten you people that think taking peoples guns away is a good thing.


For someone to sit there and say that taking guns away from people will lower crime and make the world a safer place is absolutely rediculous. There are many living examples that just the opposite is true. For example, lets take a look at Switzerland. Here a couple of interesting facts about Switzerland. Each household is required to have a government issue assault rifle. Switzerland has very low crime rates and the majority of crimes that are commited are done so by foreignors. The capitol of Switzerland (Geneva) has gone over two years in row withoiut any gun related murders or violence. Switzerland unlike it's neighbors was not invaded by the Nazis in world war two. Hitler had a documented discussion with his advisors deciding that since every household had firearms and every of age male in the home had military training it was not worth it to him to invade. He knew the losses he would suffer would be incredible. Enough about Switzerland lets move on to something a little closer home.


When Australia put into effect it's new gun laws that severely limited gun ownership crime went up an incredible ammount.


Washington D.C. has the strictest gun laws in the nation. It also has the highest gun related violence. At the peak of the Iraq war Washington D.C. had a higher gun related violence rate than Iraq did per capita.


The Japanese did not invade the United States in world war two because of the ammount of firearms that the American households had.


Time after time the facts point to the same conclusion. These few examples don't even scratch the surface of the ammount of information out there that shows the truth behind civilian gun ownership. 


If you are a anti gun American than ask yourself these few questions.


What would the founding fathers and their armys have done if they had no firearms?


Why did they go to such great lengths to say that every citizen is allowed to own firearms?


How do you feel about the border patrol agent recently killed by ILLEGALS using firearms while he was only equipped with a bean bag gun issued by his liberal president?


Our founding fathers knew that the government would overstep it's bounds and that through the use of propaganda that same government would be able to brain wash people into giving up their rights. That is why they created the second ammendmant. So that no matter what happens we will always have a means to defend ourselves from all enemys both foreign and domestic. 



I can completely understand if you personaly don't want to use or own firearms but why is necessary for you to try and take them away from those that do. I can you promise you that you will never succeed.


It is time for you to wake up and see the world and the facts for what they are. The facts are there and the facts don't lie. To ignore and dispute the obvious is ignorant and irresponsible.


By the way do not try to use Africa as an example of how guns are bad. If they didn't have guns they would be using spears and stones like they have been since the beginning of time. Their problems did not start when guns were invented. The fact that they are using guns has no bearing on the ammount of violence that is committed there.




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