Gym Tips

Don't you hate the gym dorks that seem to only go to gym to pick up hotties? Do they even work out there? Has anyone seen those douche bags lift anything there or do anything other than use their lame pick up lines?

Regardless of that, there's 3 easy ways to get rid of a scrawny moron who doesn't understand the meaning of the words "no," "take a hike" or "when the hell freezes." 

1. Always take headphones with you when you work out. You don't need to play any music. When a douche enters your vicinity, put the head phones into your ears and act like you can't hear them. If they get in your line of sight, say you want to concentrate on your work out.

2. If you know a hunk who's gay, it's a great idea to go work out with him. Why? Because if you take your boyfriend, he might get pissed at other men ogling you or even worse, try to show off and sprain a muscle. A gay friend is great to repel the scrawny douche bags, because they will think he's your boyfriend and won't approach you. You can talk about your favorite TV shows and stuff with your gay friend and don't have to hear a lousy flirt.

3. When a dork is especially persistent, say something like, "excuse me for a moment" and make him think you answered a phone call. Be sure that he hears you say "Oh, yeah, you should ask the doctor to prescribe you Valtrex. It works great for herpes. Yeah, it didn't cost that much."

Those are the easy tricks. Do you have your own? Share them in the comment section of my blog.
Uploaded 11/08/2012
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