H.I.T. training with Markus

In "My family is all fucked up because my crazy spouse shit on the kids and I" support group, one of the members is a professional body builder.  His name is Markus Reinhardt.  The dude is a fucking beast.


He's a few years older than I, doesn't do drugs, and only works out a couple hours a week.  Here he is in a recent photo shoot for some local magazine:






He's Mr. H.I.T. (which stands for High Intensity Training). 


Since I'm living in the same kind of Hell he is, he offers free demos and supervised work outs to members of the support group.  It took me about 30 minutes, some of which is spent explaining the philosophy behind the system.  I'm so blown out that I'm weak as a kitten and could hardly scratch the back of my head.


Since Halloween, I've gone from 245 to 190 pounds.  The first 40 or so was good weight loss from diet changes and getting more active.  The last 15 or so has been from divorce, depression, and liver failure. 


I look fucking great though (now that I'm not yellow and dying).


Now that I've slimmed down, I'm ready to build back up a bit.  I'm not motivated to be a body builder like Markus, but I would like to build up some mass and get stronger and more fit.  I added myself to my wife's gym membership and can read up on his system and use his strategies to work out.  It might only work half as efficiently as it would if I had him as a personal trainer, but having a beast like that adjust your diet and hold your hand to maximize your workouts isn't cheap.


He has his own private gym and will work out with you three times a week for the low, low price of $400/month.  Since we're buddies in the same support group, he'll cut it down to $300/month and give you unlimited email communications (you usually only get one a week).


As a teacher, that's somewhat more money than I can afford.  The $30/month I'm paying for the club I just joined isn't trivial to me.


It's nice to be able to start working out again after being lame from hernias for over a year.  I'm going to be sore as a motherfucker tomorrow night and the next morning.

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