Hakik's Right about the Ereps

I hope all the noobs read it. He clearly explained the deal with ereps. After youve read it, you will be able establish whether you find it worth it to look for material to post. In fact, I should say to establish whether you wanna learn how to download and upload videos.


You can post several types of media on ebw: pictures, galleries, games, blogs(duh), jokes, forums... and last but not least - VIDEOS!!! If you really want to get featured (because thats how you get more points) you must upload videos. If you have never done it on another site before it can be kinda tricky to know how it works really.


I started getting my videos from the pirate bay.  I just typed funny and selected videos and voila. I had litteraly hundreds of the best videos on the web. All i had to do is watch them all, use the (fucking shitty) search bar and hope to land on one thats never been posted before. Everyone hates reposts. If youre identified as a reposter(and it can happen pretty fast), people wont want to watch your material and theyll start throwing virtual rocks at you. If you know how to download torrents, its an option, but not the best one.


Then You can also get videos from youtube using vdownloader. The only problem is that vdownloader works ONLY on youtube. Unless you plan on subscribing to everyone slightly interresting on youtube only to ripp them off to post here, you pretty much narrow down your option to zero.


The best tool is the download helper add-on for mozilla firefox. It allows you to get videos or music from pretty much every site out there. I always select the action downlaod and convert. I dont want to bother going back into my folder to convert the thing when its done downloading. I find the best format to use is mpg because its not too big and has a great quality. It never fails to uplaod and if you choose to keep it in your computer, you can watch it on several different programs such as winamp.


Im not even getting into what sites have the best videos and what to do with unwanted watermarks, because i honestly just dont know. What I do know is that no matter how many sites I found on google, most of the time id get a video only to search it and see its been posted here 10 times already. Then you think youve found something cutting edge but it just didnt show on the search. Finally, when something new becomes major on the net, 10 people post the same thing the same day so who gets the feature on it is totally random. I just remembered the WOW freak out kid for some reason...


Oh and, Galleries are a great way to make major erep points when they get featured but then again, good luck because those dont get updated anywhere as often as videos so you better find something very fucking original and be very imaginative when it comes to googling shit.


I still get lots of fairly new users come to me and ask how to do this and that and how shit works. From now on, I will refer everyone to this blog, as well as hakiks last blog. If anyone thinks I missed something important, please write it in the comments and thanks in advance for reading this fucking thing.


STOP! Sandwich time!

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