Halloween horror story response

in response to Fuzzies halloween story. the true account of what really happened...

so yeah im just chilling in ma house, out in the middle of the desert, underground. yeah, what? you see me coming to your crib, judging your shit? anyway, im just chilling, cooking up some dinner. and im like W T F, some punk ass kids climbing down into my crib, looking at my shit and being all judging me and shit. FUCK that. i throw the butchers knife i be using to chop up ma dinner and it hits one in the leg, and im all like day'mn that was a good shot! but now they are all running off and shit with my cleaver , im like FUCK that; that was expensive bling.

i start chasing them down, i just want my cleaver you know... i start climbing after them and one of them little punk bitches cuts the rope, i fall on my ass and bump my head a little bit on the way down and im like heeelll nooo, oh no you didn't!

so i get in my suped up, pimped out truck with its angel eyes headlight mod and its 32 inch rims, man its a sweet ride, anyway... i be following these punks and they be all like shiting it and shit, i be totally fucking with their heads. me gusta.

so anyway, to cut a long story short i chased them down, killed them one by one in nasty sick and twisted ways. mailed the pieces that was left of them to their mothers every month for the next 3 years and um yeah, good times.

shit story? well you just read it. me gusta.

Uploaded 10/31/2011
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