Halloween Prank

I like playing on some of the "answers" websites sometimes. They can be fun to help people out or sometimes just mess with them. But when someone asked a question about my favorite holiday, I just had to give a response.

The guy in question asked:

Help with a Halloween Prank?

a prank and a double cross. basically, three girls, another guy, and myself will be together on halloween, and the other guy asked for help with a good prank to scare the girls, i guess we miss middle school.
so i could use a hand with that

also, im a jerk, and want to double cross the other guy, scare him, and manage to scare the girls as well. some help from you pranksters of the world would be awesome.

So I responded with the following:

Well, the trouble you have here is the setting. Where do you have that you can do the prank? I'll just assume you live in an average town or city.

Do not be tempted to do one of those "scare someone and then she fakes a heart attack" or one of those"people disappearing" pranks. While they are the most obvious they are also the most dangerous.

The best thing to do is set up a fake "Ghost Hunters" set up. Have your friend believe you are going to a cemetery or some other potentially "haunted" place (like a wooded lot or old church) where you can get the girls creeped out then scare them with a quick "boo!"

In truth, set the whole thing up ahead of time. Have people bring tape recorders/digital recorders for "EVP" stuff, but make sure the recordings are already on them. Have the people involved walking around, rarely talking, and solicit the help of a creepy voiced adult to say things like "get out" or "the dead are here" in a whispery voice every now and then.

If you have access to a video recorder, say on a phone or a DVR, go out a couple of nights BEFORE this night and don't try anything high tech. Just have someone big wearing something really dark pass between the trees or rise up from behind a gravestone in the distance. Get it all on video before you even go out. Don't overdo it...just a couple of "appearances" will do the trick.

Finally, if you can, get your hands on a "ghost cam" like the one from here. It will leave images of ghosts on every picture you take.

The night of the big scare, PRETEND to be recording everything, but just go through the motions.'s already all on your equipment. Then, walk through the exact same paths...and remember to remind people to keep their voices down so that there is no "background conversation" on the "EVP."

Let him "scare" the girls, but the double cross will be when you get back home and have a look at the evidence. Watch his face as he believes you have actually captured evidence of ghosts. If you got the camera, wait for the surprise there when you show him pictures (even pics of himself!) with ghost images in them. THEN reveal he's been had!

So has anyone else ever pulled a good Halloween prank on someone else?

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