It bothers me that some churches feel the need to ruin a fun holiday for kids. Thats right Im talkin about Halloween.Can somebody please tell me what is so evil about Halloween? Anybody? Need a hint? - The correct answer is NOTHING. There is absolutely nothing wrong Halloween. Children dressing up in costumes and going door to door begging for candy is harmless fun. Yeah there might be some eggings and yeah some pumpkins will get stolen and smashed all to hell and then theres the occasional triple homicide but hey that could happen any night of the week.Halloween is fun, harmless fun, yet some churches are feeling the need to offer alternatives to the traditional Halloween. Im not talking about the churches that invite all the kids to dress up in their costumes and trick or treat at the church or in the church parking lot. Thats probably not a terrible idea. I would imagine there are a lot less razorblades in apples in the house of God. Im talking about the holier than thous that are preaching that Halloween is evil. The devils holiday!

What is the basis of trick or treating being a sin? Is it because some kids dress up as Freddy Krueger, Zombies and other scary characters? If thats the case then how about this dose of irony? You wanna scare some kids? Dress up as a Priest with a bottle of whiskey and go around asking kids to get the candy out of your pocket. Wrong yes I know but hey you started it.

Uploaded 05/06/2009
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