Hangover blog.

          I woke up this morning with a killer headache, I drank way to much last night and now I'm paying for it. As I made my way to the toilet bowl my head started to get hot, Why do I always get the hangover the hardest? Anyways my place is kinda wrecked right now because my dog decided to rip open a chew toy and eat the insides of it, but for some reason that wasn't enough so he got into my closet and started eating my shoes. I don't have alcohol problems but I still drink every now and then, I drank up some peptobismol and headed to go get some coffee. Outside of the corner store sat a group of emo and goth kids discussing things about there hair, one of the little fuckers decided to call me a fag. I quickly picked up a rock and bashed his head into it he started crying so I through him on the street stole a semi and ran over his neck so he would shut the fuck up.


        Than I walked into a liquor storebought some cheap strong vodka tied up the giggling goths and poured the liquor all over there bodies, than I burnt them alive. Than I saw some nerdy little japanese kid drawing pictures of anime, I grabbed him by his legs and tied him to a telephone pole I made him eat a bottle of pepper spray than I let him off the hook. 

Uploaded 09/02/2009
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