Hannah Montana

I think the whole Hannah Montana phenomenon is absolutely ridiculous.  It is wrong to exploit someone who is a still a minor the way they are exploiting Miley Cyrus.  Look at what happened to Michael Jackson.  I, in no way, am excusing him for what he did to those little boys, but clearly, the fact that Jacko's dad treated him like dirt when Jacko was still a boy lead to him becoming all delusional and turning into Peter Pan.

Seriously, Billy Ray Cyrus needs to give it a rest.  He needs to deal with the fact that he's a one-hit wonder!  He had one really catchy song in 1992, and back then, everybody loved it.  He may have had only one hit, but it's one more than I have.  And if that isn't enough, he played the pool guy in Mulholland Drive.  What more does Billy Ray want?  A private island in the Caribbean?  Why can't he just accept things the way they are the way one-hit musicians like Toni Basil, Gary Numan, and that guy from Men Without Hats all have?

Uploaded 05/08/2008
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