Happy New Year!

     Its been to long since I have came to the blog section and even longer since I typed something! I feel left out, I have been busy with college and hanging out with friends. But I have not forgot y'all! So hows everyone been, Neko still around? Last time I came here she was kicked off or something? Must of been ages ago huh? Or like a few months, I don't know, but anyways I miss all y'all and hope everyone had a good Christmas because I sure did.

    I don't know about y'all but this year went by fast!!! I think I made the best of it though, a lot happened this year, mostly positive things, so I am hoping this year will be even better; that's if the world doesn't end lol, which I am on the fence about so I wont argue either side, but I wouldn't mind if y'all voiced you're opinion in the comments below.

    I do not have much else to say which is sad since I have not wrote in forever, all I got is that I passed all my college classes and I plan to go back next semester, and that I plan on getting chocolate wasted new years! Well just wanted to stop by the ole blog section and let everyone know I am still alive and have not forgot y'all. That is if anyone I know still uses the blog section? Anyways Happy New years!!!   

Uploaded 12/30/2011
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