Harley to Head

This weekend was pretty cool. so my neighbor (and pretty good friend) Bought a new harley davidson softail custom, it was amazing, but the funny part starts when he couldn't ride it because the foot controls were too far forward, so my dad agreed to help him move them back, so we were in his garage just chatting while my dad worked on the foot controls. he did the right side, then went to the left side and started ratcheting like hell on it, this went fine, but then when he got to the last bolt holding it on, me and my friend still talking on the other side of the room, anyway, he started on the last bolt and was just FLYING on this thing, getting it done abnormally fast, and me and my friend heared a weird banging noise and my dad yell some bad words, you see, what my dad failed to notice, is that on this specific model of harley, the kickstand is connected to the food peg... yup, he took the kickstand off while the bike was still leaning on it. i wished i had my camera right there, watching my dad under a harley sitting on top of him, yelling swear words constantly, and yelling "HELP DAMNIT!!!" as me and my friend tried to get it off of him, the bike didn't recieve a scratch as it had a nice soft cushion between it and the concrete. and my dad only recieved a few minor flesh wounds, curable by a few band-aids, but this is one thing i'm going to be able to give him hell about for a long, long time!

Uploaded 09/28/2008
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