Harmless Venting Don't Mind Me

WARNING: This write up is for venting and there will be no disclaimers and if you feel you are about to offended then stop reading now.


I am just going to come right out and say how disgusted I am with the direction this country is headed and how our leadership or lack of is making it worse.  We have a president who is successfully shoving his socialist agendas down our throats, running around Europe apologizing to everyone for God knows what, bending over for the king of Saudi Arabia, giving money to Hamas, telling Israel they need to start a Palestinian state in their own country, trying to make friends with Al Qqaeda, taking control of the banking industry, selling us out to other nations with this new global economy crap, etc..  The list goes on and on.  We have pirates who took over an American merchant ship and the crew took it back, but the captain is still being held hostage by the pirates.  Where is the president?  Oh he is currently worried about the housing market.  The only real response to that situation was Shrillery Clinton giving a little statement about it and she was laughing when she gave her statement.  What the hell is so funny?   The North Koreans launched a missile last week end; why didnt we shoot it down?  Why didnt we respond with nothing more than a No no North Korea.  Bad North Korea.  What a joke!


Now I know what is going to happen next.  Some people who read this are going to accuse me of listening to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.  Yes I listen to them, but I only started listening to them about seven or eight months ago.  So, this should indicate that my conservative values and my opinions about the government are attributed to my own Christian conservative values and my upbringing.  Believe it or not I do think for myself and I am not stupid just because I do not agree with the current regime running the white house right now. I am tired of being called a bigot because I am completely against gay marriage, I am tired of being called racist because I dont like the president and I think he is a miserable failure. I am tired of being called a right wing nut job because I firmly believe in the right to bear arms and I own a few weapons myself.  I am tired of being accused of trying to brainwash children because I am a Christian and I bring my children up in a Christian home, yet everyday my teenagers are having evolution and secular humanist, and immoral philosophies rammed down their throats and not being given the option to take electives that would enhance their faith in the Judeo Christian God.  I cant stand having a government in power that believes abortion is right and women should have the right to do as they please with their bodies when they are pregnant and I am supposed to just accept this because I am a man.  What a crock of horse crap!!!!!  I am sick of being called paranoid because I take issue with the passing of bills that are the foundation to infringing on our liberties and freedom to the likes that this country has never seen before.  I am tired of being told that it is my duty as a loyal American to pay more taxes than ever before because the down trodden and poor are entitled to be given free handouts and everyone should be equal.  It is not up to the government to make these decisions for me.  It is up to me as an individual to give to the poor and help the needy.  God did not give government the right to tax citizens in order to give it to the poor.  Yes, I know we are not supposed to have religion and government mixed together.  Well, maybe if we did, we would have a government with good morals and not a bunch of self centered corrupt politicians who are only interested in serving their own needs and the needs of a select few elitists.  When are we going to remind the government they work for us, we do not work for them?  They are supposed to govern, not rule.  Who the hell does the president think he is telling corporate execs they can only make so much money  per year and GM needs to get rid of their CEO and he is going to tax the hell out of the nations coal industry and other industries unless they convert to a more green way of doing things?  HORSE CRAP!!!  You know neither party has anything to brag about and I am tired of the Bush bashing. HE IS NO LONGER PRESIDENT!!!!  Show me perfect a president who served this country for the past 40 years.  You cannot because they do not exist.  Johnson and Nixon were crooks.  Ford never really had a chance to do anything.  Cater was a naïve fool who totally screwed things up.  Even though I thought Regan was one of the best presidents we ever had and the last of the great ones we have seen, he still had his faults and dirty little secrets.  Bush Sr, No new taxes.  Clinton; I could go on an on and on Bush Jr; I liked him but he had a lot of issues as well.  Obama; All I can say is God help us with this man.  We are headed for some serious problems with him in office unless he changes his ways.


So in closing, I am prepared to hear the responses of, conservatives are corporate whores who like big business and are greedy.  We are a bunch of loony neo cons who cling to our religion and guns, etc.. I used to laugh at those labels, but right now I am just too pissed off to let it slide any longer.  I am a citizen of the United States of America, I am an adult male with a steady job who is never going to be rich, who doesnt want a free hand out, who wants to be left alone so I can raise my family in a moral Christian environment and I want to be able to speak my mind about my beliefs without having some lesbian pro choice member of PETA calling me a stupid, racist fascist who wants to force his beliefs down everyones throats.        

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