Harry pothead part 1

As the smell of hash traveled throughout the air, harry in an unpleasant state of mind began to roll his fatass blunt. Harry knew he had a problem he never faced his fears he always avoided them. The bigger his problems grew, the more and more he would smoke. Deep inside he knew he was afraid, he knew he could not just roll up his flaws and smoke them. This he knew he couldn't avoid he had finally crossed the line, he had gone much to far. Never would he forget that fateful night, It had been like any other. He did what he was supposed to do he was protected, but not a spell in the world could fix this problem. He walked over to a trash can and kicked it over in anger, how could this have happened to him? Than something had caught his eye, down on his knees he found that exact condom from that exact night. He spent a good minute examining it. There was nothing there not even the slightest rip, but as he began to stretch it further and further a small hole became more and more visible. He knew what had gone wrong, and there is nothing he could do to fix this mistake.

Uploaded 07/08/2009
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