Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate etc...etc...

Basically this is to get everything I ever wanted off my chest.

For starters (mainly because it happened this morning) people that drive in the left lane and go the speed limit or less. Hey ass wipe, they call it a passing lane for a reason, get the fuck out of my way.

Whores, sluts, skanks, whatever. Yes you have low self esteem, yes your a dumpster of diseases, no I wont fuck you.

Drugs. Get over it America, they will never go away. Considering we are in a economic crisis, lets continue to piss billions of dollars away on the "War on Drugs." Especially those hard drugs like marijuana (induce extreme sarcasm here)

Alcohol is fun. I really didn't have much of a negative response about this, I just wanted to state a fact.

Music of today, holy shit! Ok, I'm tired of T-Pain and his shitty voice filter because he really can't sing, I'm tired of shitty rap "artists" that believe they better the musical industry with "Crank Dat," "You Can Have Whatever You Like," and pretty much anything else that's mainstream that has turned what KRS-1, Run DMC, Ice Cube, and others who fought to prove that hip-hop is a respectable musical genre, making it become the downfall of a culture warping the minds of all young races. There is no talent left anymore, well at least isn't shown on MTV, BET, or CMT. Fuck that bull shit.

Drew Barrymore, god damn would she stop making shitty ass chick flick romance flicks? I mean she's almost in her 40's I seriously doubt she can pass as an attractive (I use that term loosely) 20 something hopeless romantic in search of love. Guess what Drew, no one gives a shit about you, go fuck Hugh Grant, he can't get any either.

People that say "Epic," and "pwn" need to stop quoting fucking G4 and other morons they talk to on WoW who has the typing skills of a retarded one armed rat. Whoever says these phrases should be shot down.

People that bitch about smokers, should get the fuck over themselves.

People that are against American made cars because some ass hole had one problem with a car and automatically boycott all American made. You're a fucking dumb ass. It doesn't matter what car, or what the maker, their will be lemons produced, I don't give a damn what you say. If you think Japanese is more reliable, you're a fucking idiot, and thanks for helping destroy our economy. You pricks.

I think that's all for now. I feel slightly better and this isn't the end of it, I will touch more subjects, Obama, media, religion, anything where I can point my finger and call "Bull shit!" Thanks for reading and commenting. 





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