Okay. when I joined the blog portion of this site, I though there would be lots of open minded people and alot more closed minded retards. I've come to realize this whole thing is just a giant HATE fest. I comment on blogs more then what I write, mainly cause I have terrible english. now I understand people getting annoyed with that, but to the extent that it goes is retarded. also, I have made many comments on here which are pro islam. to that I I get lots of hate saying "shut up you dirty turbin head." "go back to fucking middle east cave you came from" and so on and so on. I want to make this clear right now, I AM NOT MUSLIM, I DO NOT WEAR A TURBIN! however I do not support Christianity, Jeudism, Shik, or Buddhist.  I do believe in a higher power, I just don't think any of the religions have a way to honor him/her/them. I also get people hating me because I'm a teenager, a punk, and the type of person who should die. I get this main;y from people who are like 28+. I find it really wierd because like I'm part of a diffrent generation. It's dumb to tell teenagers that stuff they care about is dumb and other shit because to use we hold things because were not sure about our future. and we live with our parents who are struggling through a tough econamy, unemployment, divorce, abuse, everything.  teenagers hold things to them and especaily when it comes to political views. we've grown up in recent years to war and poverty. I live in a larger Canadian city, and I can see how lives are changing and the world is changing. and when I see my leader, sucking up to America, and basicly wanting to be an extension, I do not like it. I see way to much wrong in America. toronto is becoming more and more Dangerous due to gun violence, poverty, and exclusion. now I don't think I'm some dumb Canadian kid way up north having no idea what America is like, my dad's a trucker and I go with him every now and then( I help because he has a bad back and needs help unloading booze. I've been to chicago with him once, and that was enough for me, we went down this road with about 4 stop signs, my dad didn't even slow down in the truck for the stop signs and I was freaking out at first cause there was a cop siting at one. the cop did nothing and my Dad just said he has to because it's such a bad neibourhood that people will steal a truck that comes to a stop, cop did nothing to us. I've also been in much of Michigan with him and seen the poverty in places.

now I know I will get lots of people going WTF is the point of this. the point of this is Hate. Hate leads to many things, like planes hitting building to kill people in the name of religion. Hate leads the rich to get richer, and the poor to get more poor.
and all I want is you to stop and think, really think, why shouldI  hate this kid, why should I hate islam, Jews, Abortion, life, emos, heavy metal, rap. cause if everyone was like you, the world would be perfect, but it would be a boring place

Uploaded 08/30/2008
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