Have I lost my mind?


I took a few weeks off from work, the stress and the general bullshit was driving me insane, I decided to go to my home in Winnsboro, South Carolina, its fall and nothing is more ideal then going hunting, Buck and wild turkey both extremely fun game to hunt, it started out just like any other morning, I woke up early around 2:30am made some oatmeal and had some tea, packed a lunch and got changed, I began to walk the trails not paying attention to at each turn I was making. It was about 3:25am now and I wasnt finding any tracks, or signs of buck or turkey, I was persistent, I decided to make a bold move and jump off the trails and do some roaming around, I look at my watch now its 3:47am, I heard rattling a few feet in front of me, I could see I large creature moving through trees and shrubs, I take out my fawn deer call from my pocket, calling out, every 30 seconds, I hear a response, a large buck growl coming from the direction I heard the movement. I try to stay close and see if I can lure this buck into a more open area, finally I get to a perfect grassy knoll, I use the deer call again and again a quick response, I keep it up then I see it, a large buck with 75-80 inch horns. I prop my rifle and being to aim, I have a clear shot,


*bang* I miss, the buck becomes frantic and runs, I began to chase it down, after a long chase, I am not able to reach the buck, so I stop I look down at my watch it is 4:36am time to go back only problem is I dont know where I am at, in the struggle of the hunt I have gotten myself lost. I knew the main roads traveled southeast, so I take out my compass and try to locate southeast, with the needle spinning I stare at it, it seems not to point to anywhere just slowly spinning around! This made me extremely frustrated, I take a seat on top of a fallen tree, and begin to collect my thoughts, I decided to began walking in a single direction, I had be walking about 10-15mintes and I look down at my watch it is stuck at 4:38am and the seconds hand is not moving my watch has completely died, not only losing sense of direction but now sense of Time was been thrown out the window as well, I hear grabble sounds as if there was a pack of turkeys around, and sure enough I see 5 large wild turkeys scattering in front of me, I take out my rifle and aim, *boom* I feel a strange warmth feeling around my right shoulder, then my whole body becomes cold, I had not fired but I had been shot ! I blackout!


I awake, opening my eyes everything is blurred, and Im not able to focus, I try to look around Im back sitting on the fallen tree again, I look at my right shoulder and its covered in blood, but no wound is visible, what the hell is going on, I look at my watch it states 4:38am its still dead, and now its dark, am I losing my mind, I began to do the same, walk in the same direction, and again Im confronted by wild turkeys, expect this time its night time, I decided not to fire at them but to scare them away, after they were gone I turn around and see a large person running at me, I am tackled to the ground and this being places a rag over my mouth, I blackout !


Again I wake up, vision blurred but this time I am not at the fallen tree, this yellow light hangs over my head, I am strapped down to a table, I hear good he has awaken, we can now start the process. I raise my head as high as possible, I see beings that look like deer, and I am in the middle of large circular room with shadowed deep being look from above, staring at me whispering to one another, then this large buck, that resembled the buck I was chasing yells out This man is responsible for the deaths of our brethren, as the years have pasted we kept close watch over him, and now is our chance to get the revenge we truly deserve, with this Rifle we take back what is ours, we avenge our fallen comrades. The buck takes the rifle and aims it at my head,* boom*


I wake up, lying on top of my kitchen table, sweating I stand up and look around, Im alive, and back home, have I been here all this time, have I finally lost my mind ??? 

Uploaded 10/20/2011
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