Have we learned nothing??????

I have been thinking about our country and what we have done in the past. I remember when I was a kid around 9 or 10 I watched all these "hippies" on TV protesting the war and calling our soldiers baby killers and worse just imagine hippies can you believe we actually did that? I remember my parents sitting in front of the TV and yelling take a bath and crap like this and all because they were using the rights our boys were supposedly fighting for. Even at age 10 I knew this was as wrong as the hoses they turned on the black people and I was certainly not going to be like them and I have stuck to this my whole life and when it comes right down to it I am proud of myself for it. Here we are today and we don't call each other hippies and take a bath instead we run around pointing fingers and calling our fellow Americans radicals or put them on a terrorist list because they vocalize their rights as Americans. The real problem here is our powers that be is probably sitting back laughing at all of us because as long as we argue with each other then we will not notice them screwing ALL of us.


The tea party thing is yet another example of how far we have come instead of admiring fellow Americans out doing something that many were to lazy to do when the other liar was in power. I read almost all of the comments posted about this thing and here we are "your guy lost" or "well Bush did this" or my favorite of all "did you see those idiots". I was one of these idiots and what have we learned? Americans peacefully protesting what they think is wrong get the old take a bath only we call them anti-Obama and I can tell you a very very very small portion of the Americans down there were talking crap about Obama.


One day when you have kids and they are grown what will you say take a bath or look at the idiots or Bush did this or will you say I hope one day when you are older you will fight what you believe in and if you don't at least respect your fellow Americans who do love this country. If we do nothing we all lose it is not only your right but you responsibility to question your Government. "fight for what you believe in and believe what you are fighting for".


Thank you for reading Boahank

Uploaded 04/16/2009
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