hawaii gets covered in poop

It finally happened. My butt wrote a check the toilet couldn't cash. It was redistribution of the wealth, to the whole state. My pants thanked me for making a ukranian pit stop. It was in fact one of many times I had thanked my creator for willing the engineers to construct a well placed latrine. I kissed the graffitied wall, as shit splattered the bowl and I moaned in agony and my butt hole burned. Oh lawdy those jalapinos were good (on the way in).

As all of Hawaii now knows, their entire state was once covered entirely by my poop. Not composed of it, but definitley caused. The composer of an orchestra is not the player of each and every instrument, but he starts the whole band playing. And takes all the credit at the end as he bows.

As such I flushed at each squirt of brown gravy. And each flush the tank grew more fuller. You could tell, if you were a plumber, because the full mark had a sight glass, as well as a little lever that moved up as the level of shit and piss and toilet water filled the tank.

The tank which was several feet under ground normally was emptied by a big truck then hastilly dumped into the ocean in which the tourists swam. Normally the tank was emptied every Thursday. Normally it didn't fill up this quickly.

As the tank over flowed and flooded the state of Hawaii I sat peacfully reading a womans magazine that explained how to turn a bad boy into a good one. First you had to flirt with him, then you had to let him ride on his motorcycle, then you had to say you have a large supply of ginger ale. According to this magazine having big boobs also helped a bit.

When I had finished washing up I stepped out the door to see a whole state covered in poop. Well it wasn't all mine and as the lawyers said We will dismiss until further notice. My warrent has been apooped.
Uploaded 02/05/2014
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