Hawaii Trip - Day 1

Yesterday's enthusiasm is a bit dimmed after the trip to the beach. The flight, welcoming, locals and hotel are fantastic. The beach - not so. 

If you surfed on Australian beaches, you probably noticed there's something like designated spots where pros surf, where the locals have their places and where tourists get to hit the waves. Do you think the same thing goes on Maui? Don't be surprised at the crowd and chaos. Another thing is the waves might turn out less spectacular than you would expect or that you are accustomed to.

Another thing about Maui is the locals are often fat. I mean FAT. Not chubby. The kind that shouldn't show up on the beach in a bikini and would be ridiculed and leave with tears in Oz, can go to the beach on 
Maui with other whales and isn't bothered. This is amazing and disgusting at the same time.

Regardless, the place is majestic, especially the food and flora. If you hear fairy tales about this place being a bad choice for vacation, don't bother listening to them. Unless you mind great tan and heat, then go skiing in Switzerland or some shit

Uploaded 06/30/2012
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