He Hopes My Dog Dies

I haven't talked to my friend's druggie ex-roommate in almost two years, but I was friends with his druggie ex-girlfriend on facebook. One day she posts on my wall, asking me if I still talk to my friend. Apparently, she found a girl that was 'perfect' for him. I saw pictures of her, and she looked like an ex-con. But, I digress... She went on to say that she already had my friend's phone number, which she recieved from his ex-roommate/her ex-boyfriend. Problem was, she promised him that she'd only call my friend in an emergency. My friend hates her and his ex-roommate, so, I don't even know what good my friend would be in one of their 'emergencies.'

Anyway, she mentioned that she can't see herself lying to her ex-boyfriend, so she was wondering if I could pass on the info. I responded, jovially, that I don't think her ex-boyfriend would have a problem lying to her. I assumed everyone that knew him, knew he wasn't of the highest character. 

For example: 

1. He used to patch up and clean car interiors for a living and has stolen money out of his customer's vehicles.

2. He air-humped his grandmother's face at his neice's 2nd birthday party to illustrate how he had recently lost his virginity. (I wish I had the video for ebaums)

3. He demolished my neighbor's parked car by driving into it and attempted to drive off. (I was his passenger and threatened to call the cops if he didn't let them know what happened.)

There are several other examples. But I don't want to make this blog too long. Now, only two out of three of examples I gave show his dishonesty. The other one shows his lack of self-awareness. Because, honestly, I don't think he intentionally lies as much as he just filters his experience in such a way that he feels blameless.

I didn't know of any time in which he lied to his ex-girlfriend at the time. I just couldn't imagine him not. I'm aware of some things now, however.

Back to the point. Apparently, what I said made her neurotic and she confronted him on it. Subsequently, he called me. As soon as I said, "Hello," he went into tirade. I, honestly, didn't respect the guy enough to give him my time, so I politely told him to "Fuck off," and I hung up. He proceeded to call me back immediately. I let it ring because I was expecting voicemail gold. Did I get what I hoped for? No, it wasn't gold. It's definitely bronze, or, perhaps even silver.

He starts off by mentioning he was an asshole (for a month?) couple years ago, and that 'we cooled shit off.' Which is his filter for saying that I stopped returning his attempts to contact me. But later he starts rambling about why he stopped talking to me. He mentions a desire to reason like adults. Sounds great... But, then he wishes death on my dog.

Here's his voicemail:

Because sparks158 cares...
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