He just wants to die!

I've got this neighbor, hes cool. 50. Drinker, smoker, not a real fast moving worker, but i cant blame him. for a while now hes had heart problems. 3 heart attacks and recently his lungs were retaining fluid.
Now, im not usually the "give-a-fuck" kind of person, but ive known him a while and i feel like i should at least give him the comfort of knowing some one is there for him. Hes got a parasite living with him so its not that hes alone, but i know he doesnt like her. She smokes all day in his house, eats all the food, spends his money and doesnt work... itd be worth it if she were entertaining or good looking or more than just a bleach blonde blob.
moving on
the doctors have told him repeatedly that he needed to stop drinking and smoking, and that along with the medication and a healthy diet, and possibly a pace maker, he could live a regular life. full recovery is not an option at this stage, a portion of his heart suffered massive trauma and is thought to be dead. he hasnt followed most of this advice. he drink whisky every day, along with beer. he smokes all day at work and "jabba" isnt helping either with the whole chain smoking thing.
all i can figure is that he just wants to die. hes 50 so life isnt gonna get better, job is a dead end, and the living abortion he has staying with him isnt what i would call motivation to live a longer life. 
i guess im writing this to ask what i should do. let him be? help him work through it? go over there with a bottle of whisky and go out with a bang? what would you want a person to do for you if you were in his shoes? as i said before, i dont typically give a fuck so i dont know what an average person might do. 
Uploaded 10/07/2010
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