He Left Me at a Crack House for Two Hours...Part 1

So its Saturday and Im out of weed. I call my boy Pork Chop. Ok, Ive known this dude for 3 years I dont know his real name yet. So, he says hes gonna come swoop me up and I can ride out to southwest D with him to get a QP.


Now, as we get closer he starts getting nervous for bringing me to the dudes house. He says let me drop you at my Aunties house right around the corner I'll go grab it and swoop you back up. So, Im cool with that, no biggie.


We pull up to the house, looks normal on the outside. He calls up his Aunt and she comes to the front door and waves me up. She looked fine from a distance too, friendly. I get out the car walk around it to the sidewalk he pulls away before I even get to the porch.


She says "Come on in baby". I was thinking she seems really sweet. Then I get inside.


Holy Shit I Want My Mommy!

Uploaded 05/29/2009
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