He moved without telling me

This is a blog inspired by Big Dad's story.It got me teary eyed because there was this guy who was my friend for over a year. We met chatting online and realised we lived on the same street.His apartment building was right in front of mine, what a fucking coincidence! He told me he was a drummer(Im a huge music fan and i had many bf in bands). We decided we should meet and smoke a reefer... so we did.

I was working as a check out girl at the supermarket back then and we had arranged for him to join me at the end of my shift so we could go for a walk. Hey he sounded super sweet but I wasnt gonna meet a stranger by inviting him at my place, ya never know! There were so many customers that day, my boss kept me on register from 45 minutes after the end of my shift. CUNT! I was getting really nervous that my guy would think it was some internet joke and leave but he came up behind me while I was scanning food and said in my ear: nice outfit! seems you got stuck here longer than expected huh!

I tried to do a sexy smile while thinking: FUCKKKKKKK!!! Why the fuck did he have to see me wearing that fucking smock! FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKK!!!! He was so nice and gorgeous I wanted to thrown my register at my boss and take my guy home to do the nasty. Instead I finished with my customer and after we carried on with the plan. After a delicious joint and a fabulous conversation we both headed back to our places and took each others digits.

From that point we hung out 4 or 5 times a week. We called each other every day, he told me stuff he didnt tell anyone else and so did I. He would sleepover at my place at least twice a week and yet we never did anything! There were a few times when we got super drunk on tequila, we passed out in our undies, spooned until noon and dammit - not even a kiss. I told him I loved him at some point and he said he didnt feel the same way wich was weird considering how our relationship was.

He moved to another city without telling me a few months after I revealed my feelings and didnt hear from him in 2 years until 2 months ago. He still lives 3 hours from here and we never spoke of what happened. We just chat about random shit on msn.

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