Health Care and the Military

It's interesting to me that the majority of the U.S. military is conservative yet they have one of the best health care systems in the world. I am not in any way saying that they do not deserve the finest health care that there is to offer. I am pointing out that their political attitudes do not reflect the kind of government care they receive. Again, I am not saying that they do not deserve the benefits they are given because of their service. But I am asking, shouldn't it be a little easier for them to understand the desire for nationalized health care? Or a health care system taken care of at a national level? You might say that they are the only people who deserve national health care, which is very justifiable, but If the American People are worth the blood and lives of our military, shouldn't they also be worth quality health? Overall I am skeptical of a federal health system, but the point remains that one of our most established national institutions has access to health care funded by  tax payers. 
Uploaded 01/24/2012
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