Heaven and Hell

I always had curiosity over the concept of a heaven vs. a hell and how its catholosizms punishment / rewards program. 

If your a good person and do good unto other you get to go to heaven.  If you are a bad person and lived an unfulfilled life then you go to hell.

Heaven if the place where you get to be around other good souls and you are around your family and friends from past who have previously died and live in infiniate happiness.

Hell is the most bad ass torture chamber, ever and you have to deal with it for infinity.


I have a problem with this concept, and the problem lies in the rulers of each place.

God has alot of fuckin rules.  and not only that everyone/ everything must serve it insuch a way that it pleases it.  angels, human spirirt all must do as god wishes.  except one decided to rebel.  so god forced his respected angel to an underworld where this angel (this is satan we are talking about here) would be keeper of the spirits not eligible to get into heaven.


Why the hell would satan make hell this place to torture human spirits who didnt obey god will?  I would think hell would be this most badass party and you would have the most interesting people there attending.  It would be intense.  there would be orgies around every corner, sodomy, a shit load of drug use. and you would be able to take as much as you could because your a spirit and nothing can break ones spirit ( twinkle in eye) 

If there was such a torture chamber called hell i would totally get it, but it would be god running it not satan.  because if satan was running hell it would be under gods will to punish those who defy him and that just doesnt make any fuckin sense.  nothing in satans psyche suggests he wants to go the rest of eternity torturing souls.  he just wanted to do his own thing and be a ruler in his own right.  and by doing so and trying to get all of god rejects on his side, he would have some kick ass party so everyone can go up to him and say " holy shit this party rocks, i just ran a train on eva baron with alister crowley and she was loving it, sometimes taking 5 cocks at once!!"  thats what satans heaven would be.


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