Heaven Knows.

Well it's another fine evening on this sunday night. Of course I'm having a few drinks and listening to my favorite musicians, what else could be more relaxing?


I hope you all are having a fine evening, I'm not here to speak about Walrus's or SEXTING!, but just to speak my mind.

You from my recent blogs that I sometimes relate to other blogging and I'll do that often because I find some joyment in that. Also, music references because we all love a good tune to our ears.

Another band that was together was "Audioslave" I recommend listening to their very first album. It has a great bluesy guitar solo in many songs, and of course not to mention Chris Cornell's voice. Also many songs to drive to. I find it sometimes strange that if you're listening to a song on your laptop/computer, but you play it in your car/ just doesn't feel the same. It might just be me on that point, but maybe it's also true for you folks. Anyway, as I said it has some good songs to just kick back and go for a nice drive to where ever you may travel.


If you recognize my title from my blog, you earned some major points. I like Robert Plant's solo music, it's different and yes again relaxing to the ears. I'm not 40/50, I'm pretty young believe it or not, but I really do appreciate music, older than myself. It may be a shock because friends of mine listen to the most recent "cool" hip hop/rap music, but it's pretty fucking lame. I'd rather listen to country music that rap/hip that is. Old school rap isn't that bad, in my mind.


I also enjoy 80's hair metal not like Poison, but Ratt is a good band. Everyone loves that song " round and round" just a song that you wanna jam to.


I should have been born in the early 70's, that way I could experience the music that was brought upon us. Such a great lineup of bands/musicians that came through at that time and time again.

Well, I thank you all for reading again and have a pleasant evening.


P.S.- Rock On.




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